Google camera port 7.2 apk download for poco x2

Google camera port 7.2 apk download for poco x2. Finally poco is back & they launched poco x2. But the interesting thing is gcam 7.2 apk already available for our poco x2. Yes its a great device.
           camera is great we all know that from many youtubers, but when we take pictures with gcam the result was great. so ahead & install this apk on your poco x2.

Google camera port 7.2 apk download for poco x2

Google camera port 7.2 features:-

• HDR & HDR+
• Portrait mode with 2x zoom or non-2x zoom
• Lens blur
• Night sight
• Panorama
• Photo sphere
• Time lapse
• Google lens
• Social share
• Frequent face
• Video on 30/60 fps
• 4K video recording
• Video stabilization
• New camera ui
• Astrophotography

Google camera port 7.2 pros & cons:-

You'll be notice main difference in selfie, the dynamic range is good. Colour accuracy also better. If i talking about rear camera then you'll unable to see big difference.
           Because this phones camera optimization is too much better. Just the actual difference is hdr shots.
           Now cons is you'll see ultrawide & macro button is camera ui l, but those are not working. It will be fixed by the developer.

How to install?

• I need download 2 file. 1 apk file & 1 xml settings backup file. Then normally install the apk.
• After that go to file manager & create a folder, give name gcam.
• Open gcam folder and create a new folder under gcam folder, give name configs.
• Now copy the xml file which is downloaded first & paste it on configs7 folder.
• Then open Google camera port apk & click 3-4 times continuesly on empty space side the capture button.
• A new window will open, then select name of xml file which save on configs & press restore.

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